More about CALPACS

What is CalPACS?

California Public Agency Compensation Survey. A public sector consortium composed of over 107 member agencies , reporting on 141 benchmarks and providing total compensation comparisons. Our survey database allows members to share compensation and benefit practices in an apples-to-apples approach and to perform specialized research functions. The data is applicable to cities, counties, special districts, educational organizations, and a range of other entities.

What will CALPACS do for my organization?

CalPACS will cut down on the number of survey questions your organization responds to as well as give your organization instant access to up to date information on compensation practices of member agencies.


membership questions billing, and administrative issues

Barry Newton

technical help, reporting website issues

Noel Proffitt

survey methods and definitions

Barry Newton:


If your agency is interested or if you know of any agencies in your region that are interested in participating in the web site please have them contact the following regional coordinator.

Inland Empire
Annette Henckel
(909) 350-7648
LA County, South Bay
Suzanne Charles, South Bay Cities COG
(310) 371-7222

Jacki Bacharach
(310) 377-8987
San Diego
Daniel Alvarado
(760) 643-5374
San Gabriel Valley
Barry Newton, CMS
(714) 281-7300
Orange County
Maggie Williams-Dalgart
(714) 765-5215

Jany Lee
(714) 741-5002
Temecula Valley / Special Districts
Eileen Dienzo
(951) 296-6929
All other regions Barry Newton, CMS
(714) 281-7300


There are three fees based on the type of CalPACS membership: Premier Member- $1,500. New Regular Member- $500. Renewing Regular Member- $275.

Premier membership fees are based on CalPACS staff entering and updating agency information for the 2016 calendar year. Please contact Barry Newton,

CalPACS Administrator at (714) 281-7300 or if you should have any questions.


Given continuing efforts to assure that the data on this website is current and accurate, each member agency has agreed (See Terms Of Use" agreement) to update their salary and fringe benefit adjustments. New members have 30 days in which to enter their salary and benefits data and existing members are expected to update their information within two (2) weeks of various salary/benefit changes. Not all of the public agencies have kept the data current or provided all of the data that is required to be shown on the website. Consequently, a violation notice will be issued to the agency after 30 days in the event that the information has not been updated. If the agency information has still not been updated within 15 days of the violation notice, a lock-out notice will be issued, stating that the agency will be locked out of the CalPACS database after 15 days unless the information is updated. In such cases, the agency's password will be deactivated and the agency's access to the CalPACS website will be terminated. If an agency wishes to reactive their membership in CalPACS, they will be charged a reactivation fee that is equivalent to the new member fee. Please remember that if your agency does not maintain current data, you could be paying both the annual fee and a reactivation fee. It is important to recall that the purpose of the website to is to provide complete and accurate salary and fringe benefit data for all members on a 24/7 basis. Thank you for your commitment!